Body Guards / Personal Security Services

UAE Security is providing Armed/Unarmed Security guards for Bodyguard Services, Bodyguard Training, Close Protection and VIP Protection, Luxury Services to corporate, high net worth individuals and celebrity clients, government departments and any legitimate persons requiring protective services, worldwide.

We are engaged in offering personal security, private security services, private security guard services and private armed security to our clients. We offer private protection & security services to our clients, which includes individual, an entity or an event. Our Security services are available to the full range of client groups, all with their differing needs, requirements, circumstances & unique needs associated with their professions or status.

Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around politicians and diplomats. Our Security Guards are capable to execute their services in a competent manner. We provide rigorous training to such professional security guards before they are deployed for respective jobs. We have of course obtained all the necessary permissions required to give the principal the best imaginable protection against both national and international threats.

Our Personal Security Guarding Services includes:

  • Personal Bodyguards
  • Security Drivers
  • Escort Team (several Bodyguards)
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising of driver(s), bodyguard(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager if required.

Armed Bodyguards

Armed Guards are staff of the prison in charge of keeping the most troublesome prisoners in line. They require an Armoury, in which each guard needs a weapons locker, and are far better equipped to prevent escapes and deadly riots. Armed Guards were introduced in Alpha 17 as a means to further suppress prisoners. They will shout warnings at prisoners who are rebelling before firing their tazer or shotgun in the hopes that the prisoner will simply surrender, effectively rendering themselves practically, though not literally, unconscious. They may be equipped with tazers and body armor through research.

Armed guards may only be assigned to patrol routes and can't deployed to wander in rooms like regular guards can. They also perform none of the routine tasks that normal guards do, meaning that they will not open doors for anyone else, they do not escort or otherwise process prisoners and they do not monitor cameras or door controls. If you do not assign them a patrol route they will stand around doing nothing because they do not perform any of the other tasks normal guards do.

Guards equipped with tazers can end prisoner fights faster and without resorting to lethal force as often. A tazer fired by an Armed Guard has a 70% accuracy rate. Any ranged weapons other than tazers fired by an Armed Guard has a 90% accuracy rate. As of Alpha 30, when an armed guard fires a shotgun, the maximum range for prisoners to surrender has reduced from 6 squares to 4 squares, and a maximum of 10 prisoners will surrender per gunshot. If an armed guard has no tazer, or the tazer is recharging, with freefire disabled, they will simply punch fighting prisoners, as, unlike regular guards, they have no backup baton.

Un-Armed Bodyguards

An unarmed security guard is a person that is hired and paid to protect people and/or property. Each state in the United States has its own laws about what it takes to become an unarmed licensed security guard. Once a person obtains their license they can then apply for unarmed security jobs within the state. Unarmed guards typically apply to a security company who then hires them out to respective businesses or people or locations. Other security guards work on a freelance basis, though, this is more difficult to achieve as an unarmed security guard. Unarmed guards act as a preliminary defense system, prior to police involvement. The hope in hiring security is to prevent the need for police involvement. Security Guards are a vital part of the safety of our country’s schools, hospitals, public places, businesses, etc. It is a much needed position, a valued job in society, and has a great outlook as far as job openings in the next decade, as projected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

Unarmed Security License

In order to work as a security guard (armed or unarmed) most states require that a person obtains a security guard license (certificate or guard card). In order to obtain the required credentials, a person must meet the minimum state requirements and then undergo training, fingerprinting and background checks. This site has individual state pages that you can explore for further specifics on particular state requirements.

The majority of training courses needed to obtain and unarmed security guard license are on average 8 hours long to begin with. There is a total of 40 hours of training typically needed by the time you achieve your unarmed security license, however, after the initial 8 hours of training (along with a cleared background check and fingerprinting) a person can begin work as a security guard prior to completing the rest of the course work. The remaining hours of course work would then need to be completed within an allotted amount of time, which is typically within 6 months.

Security Escorting

Basic Function of the Position:

Performs all duties of escort, by monitoring and escorting of uncleared personnel into controlled access areas (CAA) or other locations within mission facilities and grounds. The position is either full time, part time, or on an as needed basis, some after-hours, weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is directly supervised by the Facilities Manager. Incumbent must be a U.S. Citizen, eligible for a Top Secret security clearance.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for escorting of all non-cleared personnel, janitorial/maintenance crews, and contractors performing work in secure areas of the mission or other locations as directed by the supervisor to ensure that secure areas remain uncompromised. Secures worksite upon completion of work by ensuring that all uncleared personnel have exited the area. Prepares and ensures that all materials entering a CAA have been inspected by designated personnel prior to entering.

May be responsible for locally procuring items required for use within the CAA space, according to the randomized procurement methods described in relevant sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual.

As required, responsible for the control and safe operation of any job-related equipment and supplies such as destruction equipment (shredders, disintegrators, etc.), x-ray machines, keys, radios, service elevators, etc. Prepares Incident Reports of any and all work-related problems or security incidents to the appropriate sections. May be called upon in support of VIP visits performing various duties to include, but not limited to, escorting VIPs, security oversight, classified material destruction, baggage control, and/or other duties as required.

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